World rankings of hockey teams you should know (Part 3)

6. The United States

The United States Ice Hockey Team is the national team that represents the United States of America in international ice hockey tournaments based in Ann Arbor. It occupies 4th place in IIHF rankings (2016). The US national team is one of the top national teams in the world and along with the Canadian, Russian, Swedish, Finnish and Czech teams, are included in the so-called six big hockey throw.

The national team has won the Olympic Games twice and also won the 1996 World Cup. The final achievement at the World Championship was the bronze medal in 2015. At the 2004 World Cup, the hockey players of The US failed to defend the title, losing to the Finnish team in the semi-final. America’s most famous success was the Miracle on Ice at the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics, when the North American team defeated the most beloved team – the Soviets on their way to gold. Despite the fact that hockey is not the most popular sport in the United States, Miracle is often presented in the United States as one of the greatest achievements in American sporting history.

7. Germany

The German ice hockey team is the national hockey team representing Germany in international ice hockey tournaments. One of the oldest teams in Europe. Silver (2018) and double bronze medal of the Olympic Games (1932, 1976).

8. Switzerland

The Swiss national ice hockey team has been a member of the international hockey federation since its founding in 1908. The team is managed by the Swiss Hockey Federation (German: Schweizerischer Eish Racerverband) . As of 2013, the Swiss national team is ranked seventh in the IIHF world rankings. The Swiss team achieved the greatest success between two world wars, winning gold at the 1926 European Home Championship and silver at the 1935 World Championship, held in Davos.