World rankings of hockey teams you should know (Part 2)

3. Sweden

The national team represents Sweden in international ice hockey tournaments. It is controlled by the Swedish Hockey Federation World champion ten times, Olympic champion twice (since 1922, before that, the Swedish Football Federation has represented Sweden at IIHF since 1912). Sweden’s hockey team is one of the top in the world and along with the Canadian, Russian, Finnish, Czech and US teams, are included in the so-called six-second big hockey. In the 2018 IIHF world rankings, it comes in third place.

4. Finland

The Finnish national team is a two-time champion (1995, 2011) and an eight-time world champion, a multi-Olympic medal. This is one of the strongest teams in the world. One of the main achievements is reaching the final of the 2004 World Cup, as well as reaching the final of the 2006 Olympics (the national team has won all seven matches throughout the tournament). Now the Finns are in fourth place in the IIHF rankings. In Finland, 52 597 hockey players are registered, representing about 1% of the country’s population. Together with the national teams Canada, Russia, Sweden, the Czech Republic and the United States are included in the “six big hockey”.

The Finnish team have taken out the number 14 (Raimo Helminen) and 17 (Jari Kurri). Helminen (also known as Raipe and Maestro) is the record holder for the number of matches for the national team in the history of world hockey (331). He also became the first hockey player in history to play at the Winter Olympics (1984-2002). Jari Kurri doesn’t play much for the national team, but he is Finland’s best scorer after Teemu Seljany in National Hockey history (1398 points in 1251 games).

5. The Czech

The Czech national ice hockey team is the national team representing the Czech Republic at international ice hockey tournaments. Controlled by the Czech Hockey Federation. Six-time world champion, 1998 Olympic champion. The team was formed after the fall of Czechoslovakia in 1993, but is still the direct heir to all the merits of the Czechoslovak team. The Czech Republic hockey team is one of the top hockey teams in the world and along with the Canadian, Russian, Swedish, Finnish and US teams, are included in the so-called grand hockey.