World rankings of hockey teams you should know (Part 1)

Traditionally, the birthplace of hockey is Montreal (Canada) (although more recent studies show the superiority of Kingston, Ontario or Windsor, Nova Scotia). 

However, even some 16th century Dutch paintings depict a lot of people playing a game similar to hockey on a frozen channel. But, despite this, Canada is still considered the birthplace of modern hockey. We present to you the standings of the world’s hockey teams in 2019.

1. Canada

The national team represents Canada at international ice hockey tournaments. Managed by the Canadian Hockey Federation. Canada has been a member of the IIHF since 1920. In recent years it has been completed with NHL players. The nickname “Team Canada” was assigned to the team following the 1972 Soviet-Canadian SuperS and is often used in connection with future Canadian teams. The Canadian national team, as the parent hockey team, is considered to be one of the strongest teams on the international stage, in the 2018 IIHF world rankings it comes in first place. She won the Soviet-Canadian Super Cup in 1972, 4 out of 5 Canadian Cups, 9 won at the Olympic Games and 26 at the World Championship, and won the Spengler Cup 14 times and twice the World Cup 2004 and 2016.

2. Russia

The national team represents Russia in international ice hockey tournaments. Managed by the Russian Hockey Federation. It was first assembled in 1992, receiving the right to act in the group of the strongest at the World Cup as the heir to the Soviet national team. The Russian national team, taking into account the victories of the Soviet national team, is the world hockey leader in number of world championships wins – 27 (22 national team victories Soviet Union and Russian national team 5 wins), and also won 9 victories at the Russian National Olympics. teams, 1 winner of the Olympic athletes from Russia). In February 2018, IIHF ranked second in the IIHF rankings. It is one of the strongest hockey teams in the world and along with Canadian teams.