The rules of betting on ice hockey game

Several online betting platforms have risen to the top in recent years when they realize the core demands of their clients.

Ice hockey is one of the largest sports betting outlets for teams around North America

Odds in Ice Hockey

Ice hockey betting platform gives you betting odds and lines for all NHL games, including the Belgian Cup.

Bet opportunities for ice hockey include betting, line stakes and overall spread (under / over) offered on a game-by-game basis or on an individual basis.

Unless otherwise stated, according to the betting rules, the games will remain official one hour after the game is played. Teams must be eligible to play for all leagues and with all bets involved. Time-long games technically pay for Push / Cancel or No Action, which ensures that all money is refunded.

Games must take place on the designated date and on the website. Both overtime scores are used with all playtime bets. Overtime results do not count for the third cycle of betting. 

Bets on the game duration involves penalty shootouts and overtime.


Ice hockey betting involves players of disabled people, or others who draw or draw. In the case of the same number of targets dropping on the set, the stakes will be returned. 

Although the chances are very different when you play half or fifth, bookmakers are happy to consider them. This helps reduce the risks. 

Overtime bets are also applied to betting during the Hockey Season. With the exception of a few known events, teams are just 60 minutes removed from Russian competitions, European leagues, Euro Hockey Circuit, Olympic and World Championships.

Customers can conveniently bet on the overall number of people on-team. Unit will be reimbursed for all NHL matches not played on the same day as mentioned above. It is also easier to delegate the rules to you before you bet.