Petr Cech proves to be a fine hockey talent

After retirement on the pitch, Petr Cech proved that he was able to play the role of goalie on the ice when he was chosen as the best player in his first hockey game.

In July 2016, Petr Cech declared his break from his “internet shorts” career as one of the best goaltenders in the Premier League. 

However, last week, former Chelsea and Arsenal goaltenders shocked many fans by signing a contract with Guildford Phoenix, a hockey team in the UK’s Second Division (NIHL). 

Like football, Petr Cech continued to play the position of goalie, bearing number 39. And in the very first game of his hockey career, Cech showed that his field skills were perfect. It may be extended to the ice rink.

Cech was a huge disappointment at his first professional ice hockey game

The Czech goalie did an outstanding job and helped Guildford Phoenix prevail over Swindon Wildcats 2 after a series of soccer-like penalties. Petr Cech managed to save on two penalties and was declared the best player in the match. 

Petr Cech has a passion for ice hockey since he was a child, he used to play hockey before switching to soccer. 

The 37-year-old goalie said signing with Guildford Phoenix was a wonderful opportunity after 20 years of professional football. Despite finding a new career, Cech will continue to serve as a technical adviser to Chelsea.

Petr Cech had an outstanding showing in the game against Swindon Wildcats, with a sequence of outstanding saves. The former Czech goalie played well as a football player. 

Petr Cech shone in a sequence of penalties for having successfully stopped the home side from winning 2-0. 

The outstanding performance of Petr Cech was the third straight win for Guildford Phoenix. Not to mention, the 37-year-old goalie was voted Guildford Phoenix’s Player of the Year to win Swindon Wildcats. 

Petr Cech got a lot of attention from NHM Guildford Phoenix on the social network after the war. With what has been seen, the former Czech player is predicted to go a long way in his hockey career. 

In addition to the position of goaltender for the Guildford Phoenix Club, Petr Cech continues to be the technical and skilled advisor to the Chelsea Group.