Common Ice – Hockey odds you should know

Pre-match Ice-hockey odds

There are plenty of pre-match ice hockey odds provided by the bookmaker.

Game Lines

Complete Match Main Bets include Line (complete goal handicap match), Absolute (over absolute match), Money Line (win or lose the entire game). 

Note: Game Lines bets require overtime and shooting (if any) bets.


3-way betting, match only on a daily basis (60 minutes, plus 3 intervals of 20 minutes). The extra time (if any) results will not be counted. 

Alternative Puck Line 2-way

For accessible 2-way handicap betting, bet365 provides a comprehensive variety of handicap opportunities for players to enter. For eg, if A accepts-2.5 left, they must gain 3 or more goals to win the match.

Alternative Total 2-way

Total financial targets have been expanded. The dealer provides a lot of open odds for players to pick from. Of course, the more unlikely the risk is, the better the rate of feeding.

Team To Score First

The first team to score is a 3-way bet. If no side scores, the “No 1st goal” door will prevail.

Team To Score Last

The last team to score is a 3-way bet. If no side wins, the “No” door will benefit. This occurs when no team scores in the match, which also means that no team scores the first goal. So the chances of the ‘Neither’ door on Team To score last are also the same ‘No 1st goal’ on Team To score first (above), which is also 0-0 on 60 minutes of official play.

Winning Margin

Gain the gap of how many goals?

Here, for example, the bookie proposes the following scenarios: 

Win with a margin of 1 , 2 goals, 3 goals, 4 goals, 5 or more.

Team Scoring First Wins Game

The first team to win the game.

There are two “yes” or “no” doors

Correct Score

Play ranking, there are quite a few doors to this very play.