Basic Rules of Ice Hockey in Britain

Ice hockey in Britain has a long history. If anything, it is British soldiers credited with having started the game and exported it to other countries such as Canada. Despite the long history, Ice hockey in Britain has seen mixed fortunes and the popularity of the game has dwindled in recent years and has been overshadowed by other sports such as football and rugby.

That notwithstanding, there are still fervent fans of the game with Britain recording remarkable triumphs in ice hockey. In this article, read about some basic rules of ice hockey to get you better acquainted with the game.

Number of Players

An ice hockey team comprises of six players; five of whom are infield and one player between the goalposts. The infield players are referred to as skaters and spend most of their game time or shift skating and hitting the puck in the direction of the opposing team. Players are allowed time out during the game to re-energize the team and for tactical purposes. In dire times, the goalkeeper may join the skaters in trying to snatch a last gasp winner.

Goal Scoring

In ice hockey, a team scores a point when the puck gets past the goal line. Typically the goal is not as wide as football with dimensions of 180 centimetres width and 120 centimetres height. Getting the puck past the goal manned by a goalkeeper is usually a tall order making the game exciting for spectators.

Game Period

Ice hockey is played for sixty minutes’ regulation time and some few added to compensate lost time. However, play does not continue uninterrupted for sixty minutes as rest is allowed after twenty minutes of the game. In case of a tie, additional time may be considered to break the deadlock through shoot-outs involving three players from each side.