Basic Ice Hockey Equipment

To enjoy the game of ice hockey, essential equipment is necessary. Ice hockey equipment could be classified as basic and safety equipment. However, for professional ice hockey, these equipment are must-haves since players safety is a critical part of the game. In this article, read about some essential ice hockey equipment for both amateur and pros.

The Puck

This is basically an ice hockey ball. It is the equivalent of a soccer or tennis ball which players chase down trying to get it past the goalposts of the opposing team. The puck is made of rubber and weighs up to a maximum of 1.5 kilograms with a diameter of 80 to 85 millimetres and a thickness of 25-30 millimetres.

Hockey Stick

The hockey stick is an L shaped equipment with a blade on one end and the handle on the other end. Players use this stick in hitting the puck towards the other end and trying to score a goal past the goalie and the goal line. Hockey sticks are typically made of wood with some bits of graphite for extra strength.

Players Helmet

To protect players from head injuries as a result of taking hits on the head, players are required to don a protective helmet. This helmet helps make the game safe for players. It is a critical component as severe head injuries could result from players collision or hits from a flying puck. The helmet comes with a face cage to protect the mouth, nose and eyes.

Body Pads and Guards

To protect the shoulders, chest and spine players put on pads on the shoulders and arms. Ice hockey games involve a lot of collisions, particularly among the infield players. Player also put on guards on the neck to forestall injuries on the throat regions. The players’ collisions on the hard ice surface could easily be career-threatening if the pads and guards are not worn during the game.