Allows players to fight, unbelievable hockey rules

We still often question whether ice hockey players often suffer such intense crashes. The reason is that it is the odd rule that requires teams to “knock” each other on the hockey ice, which is the primary source of so many games taking place in the North American tournament.
Ice hockey is a sport where accidental collisions exist, where players often struggle to learn the speed of confrontation between two or more players from both sides.
However the hockey tournament that takes place in North America is entirely different, with a somewhat “bizarre” regulation that requires two teams of players to deal with ground accidents by attacking each other. And they clarify that this is the way for a man to display both bravery and courage.
In each team, a player is normally ready to stand up as a hero, people call these “Hockey goons” There are typically very defensive players, justifying the opponent’s behavior by kicking and punching the bag to shield their teammates from hazards.
The fight between two or two teams of players will only stop when one participant falls to the floor, and the referee will be responsible for dividing the “boxers”‘ from each other. The “Hockey Goon” then comes to rest, because if there’s more rivalry left, they’ll be on the playing field.
After many critiques from the media as well as from fans, this rule has not changed.
As a result, viewers still have to witness the gruesome fights that are still going on daily in North American hockey games like boxing on the ice hockey arena.
Photos of flaming crashes frequently take place at the hockey arena in North American tournaments.
The war is against two or three teams from both sides.When they start fighting, the players on both sides must obey the idea that all the sticks and gloves must be hurled onto the ground. Failure to do so would result in a player being disqualified from playing for an extended amount of time.
The two-team players and supporters chanted loudly for the two fighting athletes.

Những “trận chiến” đẫm máu trên sân băng Hockey
Only when one of the competitors dropped, the referees hurried to discourage them

Some of the athletes met on the field fainting and had to move straight to the hospital. While widely criticized by the press and fans, the ludicrous rule has not changed.