The Return Of The Mighty Superfecta

We are delighted to announce the return of Superfecta this year. New band line up and tours to be announced shortly. Please find below a brief statement from the bands leader Danun Todd

” I ‘ll be honest! I`m glad to see the back of 2016. For one, too many great names from the world of rock n roll left us. I don`t think the industry has experienced a year like it! Shall I throw in all the political shenanigans too? Nah, leave it for another day.

For a good while Superfecta was on life support. I could write a book about it. Actually I probably will. I thought many a time about throwing the towel in. Losing a year and a half to departing band members, illness, mental breakdowns to name but a few is pretty soul destroying. It doesn`t matter if you`re a small band or big band. a household name or a nobody. This stuff is personal and it hurts when the rug is pulled from under you.

So we welcome in the new year with a new and invigorated lineup. The real work starts now! Superfecta will not be kept quiet.. Writing of the next album is under way and the new single is aiming to be unleashed late Feb/early March. Management, PR, a new label, tours and the team that will oil the wheels are in place. `We’ll see you real soon!’