The Asif Outlaws

I am pleased to welcome to Skyfire Asif Ali. The Asif Outlaws are a new rock band hailing from London and about to go live with new material and gigs.

With brand new material coming soon we thought we would take this time to re-release Asif’s classic album “Out of Abbfinoosty Comes The Storm” now in its 20 year anniversary this superbly eclectic album and somewhat progressive album delivers some fantastic musicianship and introduces you to the dark humour of Asif Ali.

The new line up for The Asif Outlaws features some excellent musicians from around the London Scene including

Asif Ali – Guitar and Vocals

Jackie Taylor – Sax

David Holdstock – Guitar / Bass

Jon Spence – Guitar

Malcolm Dunleavy / Dave Etheridge – Drums

Bartholomew Henricus Antonius Brummer – Occasional Percussion

We will keep you Informed of any tour dates etc for the new band. If in the meantime you would like to chat to Asif about “Abbfinoosty” please do not hesitate to contact me on