The Cancer On The Rocks Charity Fundraiser

As most of you know in August my Father died of cancer, his death hit me very hard and still is but the thing that got me the most was the fact that I was completely powerless to help him, watching him sliding downhill each day never felt so incapable of helping somebody in my life. Hell I am even…

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The Bollocks To Brexit Tour

Coming this May on a special 5 date UK tour known as The Bollocks to Brexit Tour. See’s a brand new line up of Superfecta from London with¬† a brand new single ahead of the much anticipated new album due later in the year. Joining them on this tour are from Belgium 10 Rogue and from Germany Cunning Mantrap. Both…

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Skyfire and Firebrand Present The British Blues Bonanza

The British Blues Bonanza In association with Skyfire Interactive and Firebrand Radio I have always loved British blues and have often wondered what would happen if you took the cream of British artists and put them all in one place for one special day of excellent music. Now this is a reality¬† with The British Blues Bonanza taking place at…

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