Back in December 2014, Superfecta launched their debut album Primal Instinct. An album full of big grooves, infectious hooks, melody, riffs and great songs.


The momentum was building throughout 2015 on the back of great reviews and live shows, but sadly that momentum came to a halt mid way through 2015. The original singer Andy Urwin, was diagnosed with a heart condition that mean`t he could no front the band. Throw in a bunch of other internal problems and it was time for a rethink. Guitars were locked away for the remainder of 2015, while co-founder Danun assessed the best plan of action.

In 2016 the Superfecta wheels began to turn once more and into the fold came Matthew Vella on the drums, Carl Highman on bass and the final edition was vocalist Roberto Negrini, to play alongside guitar stalwarts Danun Todd and Prime Brown.




2017 is already shaping up into something special for the band. The new single and video “Mannequins” is released April 2017 through London label Dark Matter Recordings, the “Bollocks to Brexit UK Tour” kicks off May 24th, and then it’s more gigs and back into the studio to complete the as yet untitled  follow up album to be released Sept/Oct. After that, who knows?

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