Social Media Support

Being in a band, working full time as well and trying to get things done is a full time nightmare. This is where the biggest and most important part of getting your name out there often gets left behind as you focus on the music. That is the world of social media.

Social media is one of the most important factors in getting your band recognised, generating you new followers and fans and basically getting you heard. If you are looking to get support slots and apply for festivals the first question you are going to get asked is what is your fan base like.
Skyfire have a dedicated in house team that can deliver you a stronger social media presence and can help get your news out there through targeted campaigns.
So remember, Album release, impending tour coming up? really boost your exposure and fan base with the power of social media. Most busy artists struggle to find the time to focus on this crucial area. Let Skyfire’s team of dedicated professionals help you.
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