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Finding a PR solution in the music industry that works is a gamble. As you can see from the references Skyfire Interactive deliver.

Want to get your music out there next year. We are currently booking projects for the latter half of ’17

Any bookings taken throughout December will receive our special end of year discount.For further information please contact us.

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Jessie Galante Said ” I am thrilled to be working with Rick and the Skyfire Team for the release of my CD “The Show Must Go On” on Tanzan Music. The CD has officially been released today May 12th.

Rick is making a huge influential impact on the exposure for “The Show Must Go On”  and I am looking forward to a long lasting relationship. Rick has a sincere and genuine interest in music and musicians. He is a mover and a shaker and really cares…Thank you Rick


Trevor Sewell said “Working with Skyfire was a breeze, nice efficient service and great people – I’ve worked with them a couple of times now and they are always one of my first calls when I want to get something ‘out there’ fast.”

Ben Craven said  “In a very short time, Skyfire has secured radio airplay and reviews for my latest album, and provided regular reporting. And all for an astonishingly reasonable price!”

Tobi Schmidt Of Cunning Mantrap said “Skyfire is the best choice if you want to put your band on a higher level – why? Because they are not just talking, they are doing!

Andy Rowe of The Room Said ” The Room have worked with Skyfire for over three years on a number of projects and releases. We found the team to be friendly, professional and most importantly interested in us and our future (rather than just taking our money and moving on)! We are looking forward to further future collaborations.”

Chris Bevington Said   “I first met Rick Palin and Sky Fire Team back in 2014 during the release of my first Album “Chris Bevington & Friends”, Myself and Rick put together a Promotion plan and set too to promote the Album across the UK, Europe and the USA to a wonderful response across the Radio Stations, Press and Global Blues& Rock Community, so much so that we managed No 8 in the USA Blues charts and Number 10 in the UK. We quickly moved on the Touring for 2014 & 2015 and also started to recording of Album No: 2 “Better Start Cookin”.

This album was released in Dec 2015 and again charted in the UK Blues Charts at No: 3 and again has been a firm favourite on the Radio Station playlists throughout the year. To support the Album release, we have toured across the UK headlining at The Upton Blues Festival, Cambridge Rock Festival, Colne Blues Festival British Stage and finally the Half Moon Putney too name a few.

It’s been a Fantastic year for the band and we have had Great Support of Rick and team at Sky Fire.

Michael Angel Of Fugitive Said ” Fugitive formed in 1991, and enjoyed the fire of youthfulness as a band, with dreams of being taken seriously by the industry. We very quickly learned that there is only so much a band can do on their own. Even with our own label, access to the industry was limited. It is only since working with Skyfire Interactive that we have seen any real results for marketing the band. The next test comes in 2017…. If you have heard of us by then, what better proof is there of a job well done….(no pressure then…).

Greg Dean Of Iconic Eye Said ” Iconic Eye would like to thank Skyfire for their professionalism in helping initially launch the band. As the winner of Firebrand Radio’s Band of the year competition Skyfire provided a valuable resource for us in our early days ”

Chris Reason of Reason Said “Reason had been in existence for around 5 years when we decided that promotional help was a must for us. We had stayed self-sufficient promotionally from start-up and through the release of our first album “The Darkest Star”, and our seond album “The Deception Of Dreams” mainly due to the fact that we could not find a reasonable and realistic promoter who had the resources to do things for us that we could not do ourselves.

A trusted friend introduced us to Skyfire PR, and it was clear straight away that the service offered was beneficial to us, financially reasonable, and carried out by people who had a personal connection to and care for music. We have since been working constantly with Skyfire, through 2 digital releases and more recently our second full-length CD album “The Deception Of Dreams”. Using Skyfire`s service has put us firmly on the map globally. We are delighted with that result, and will continue to move forward with Skyfire in the future.

Rob Lomax of Crowsaw Said “Working with Skyfire Interactive is a breath of fresh air in a stale outdated industry….fresh proactive ideas….rapid response regarding all aspects of PR and a deep rooted knowledge of promotion”

Danun Todd Of Superfecta said  “ The music business is a tough industry, but it’s made all the better by working with people that you like and trust. Working with Rick Palin and Skyfire has been an absolute pleasure. They don’t promise miracles but they certainly work hard, are always honest, and most importantly, they’re unlocking some fantastic opportunities for us. Our relationship with Skyfire grows bigger and better by the day, and long may it continue!”

Mark Crosby of Nightblade said Skyfire bridge the gap to the professional music industry that bands themselves just can’t get to. They are proactive and get results.”

Jac Dalton said of Skyfire” We stumbled upon Skyfire Interactive a couple months ago as we’d hit that point in every band’s career where you’ve done absolutely everything that can be done by yourself, and are in need of a special ‘something/someone’ – somewhere – with the right knowledge, connections and understanding of what lies between rock and the hard place to take the ropes and run the colours up the flagpole.  Skyfire turned out to be exactly what we were looking for.  These righteous dudes are experienced and passionate enough to know the ‘real deal’ when they hear it, recognizing what your realistic goals should be; then putting together an appropriate promotional plan through their extensive channels to provide the best opportunity for your music to be ‘at the right place at the right time in front of the right people’.  Results for ourselves have exceeded expectation and we will continue to work with Skyfire far into our future.  Thanks heaps, mates!” 

Pete Moore of Lucks Lane said: Lucks Lane has had the privilege and pleasure of working with Skyfire Interactive, on a three month contract, for promotion of our debut album ‘A New Someone’. We have found them to be a highly professional and incredibly friendly company, who have been an absolute delight to work with.

As a direct result of Skyfire’s fantastic promotional work, our album is now being played on a large number of radio stations worldwide. We have received regular reports and feedback throughout the promotional period and have watched both our album sales and interest in our band dramatically increase through our social sites.

Skyfire’s new, fresh approach to representation means that you only pay for the services you actually need, for the length of time you need them. For the first time, the artist is in complete control and no longer has to sign away a substantial percentage of their earnings, or be tied into long term contracts.

For bands or artists that are serious about taking their music to the next level worldwide, we would have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending Skyfire Interactive. Their model, without doubt, is the future for artist representation. We are looking forward to working even closer with them, on all of our upcoming projects. Lucks Lane are extremely grateful to everyone at SkyFire Interactive for their exceptional work and for taking our music to a global audience. On behalf of all of the Lucks Lane team, thank you and best wishes”.