Music Publishing

Skyfire has always been dedicated to helping the musicians of the world to reach their goals with less hassle, which invariably gives them the freedom to do what they do best: make music. Through our trading partner Sky Rocket Records, we are now able to offer our clients additional services.

The question of how publishing could earn you money is one that is likely to spring to mind. Its answer is that every time your music is played – be it on radio, television, film, etc. – or even concerning any live music event you perform at, you are due royalties for the exposure of your material. Many bands/artists never get around to organising this and are losing a substantial amount of income as a result.

What is Publishing?

A publisher registers the work of song-writers and composers with all the appropriate collecting societies and agencies – PRS for Music in the UK, for one.

So why use a Publisher?

Submitting material to collecting agencies involves a great deal of data entry, tunecodes, catalogue numbers and more, which have to be accurately logged in order to match royalties to the correct writers. It is so time-consuming and complex that most writers end up not logging their material correctly, or even at all, which leads to a loss of revenue. A publisher will do it for you!

Can I publish my own songs?

Yes, of course you can. Song-writers can become a member of PRS as long as they have released material on CD, have had their work played on radio, TV, at a live performance or have had it used online.

Will I still need to fill in forms if I use Skyfire?

Yes, but only once. A large amount of data has to be entered every time you submit a new song to PRS, and every time you submit tracks for online distribution: for PPL submissions, chart submissions, gig claims, etc. Skyfire and SRR have one form into which you can enter all the information needed for every purpose. After that, it is all done for you.

How much does Skyfire/Sky-Rocket charge for this?

There are no up-front fees involved. We take a publishing percentage of royalties earned. Contracts we offer are based on a one-year or two-year deal. The beauty of this is that we only earn if you do.

To find out more about how this service can benefit you, please do not hesitate to contact us.