PR Services

A PR campaign takes a great deal of work, effort and time, plus a lot of signatures. To hire a known London PR firm for one album launch costs in the region of £10,000 upwards. You will also be expected to pay for a series of showcases in swanky venues, professional photo-shoots, etc., so you’re looking at a minimum spend of around 17k.

How do we know? We’ve done it!

Does it guarantee results? None whatsoever.

Any PR and promotion, such as advertising campaigns, will involve spending money. Bands can do a great deal for themselves, via networking sites and sending their albums out for review. But let’s face it – without the contacts, most reviewers will ignore you. A PR campaign will generate reviews, radio play and most importantly, attention. Skyfire’s packages are unique because they are both affordable and personal. 


The  difference with Skyfire Interactive is this:

There are so many companies out there that will tell you what you want to hear. We don’t. We tell you what you NEED to hear, good or bad, and we pull no punches. We want the artists that we represent to succeed and the path to victory is not always gilded with the truth. We are different. With over 25 years’ personal experience in business management my aim is to make your project work, as this reflects well on us. A happy client is a future client.