Outsourced PR


International and large-scale PR companies tend to focus on and deal primarily with the mainstream media: national radio stations, magazines, newspapers, television programmes, etc. Concentrating on the web-end of the market is often an impractical solution for them, as keeping abreast of the data in an ever-expanding metropolis is a tough order to maintain and the costs of hiring a person to do so are extensive, unless the company specialises in that particular market.

Skyfire hosts a team of digital specialists, as well as a first-class database that is expanding into UK and European territories, and is also reaching quite extensively into the US market. We can assist you in delivering your next project to a wider digital circulation than you currently hit for less than the cost of employing someone internally, or the cost of buying in the data to do it yourself.

Skyfire’s team are all industry professionals who have a legion of experience within the digital emporium. Their efficiency will ensure complete confidentiality and professionalism at all times, which will facilitate the success of your project.

To find out more about how an outsourced PR campaign can benefit your work, please feel free to contact myself directly at