Fugitive 2016 logo on white (CMYK)


Toughened and practiced after a thousand or so live shows in their 26 year career to date, Fugitive deliver quality, fresh, vibrant, honest, British Hard Melodic Rock.

Taking influence from those stadium rock halcyon days (of Whitesnake, Bon Jovi, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Rainbow, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, the list goes on….) when music muscle and melody combined with an elegance and intensity rarely seen since, Fugitive supply fantastic songs, – memorable, sing along ROCK that remains credible and fresh in today’s market.

Don’t just take our word for it – A recent review by Steven Reid for Fireworks Magazine offers:

“With every second review in the Melodic Rock world seemingly having, by law, to contain the word Sweden in it somewhere (that’s EU-MHR legislation complied with), it’s a pleasure to bring you a band offering classy, rounded Melodic Rock that is as home-grown and British as fish and chips, bulldogs and the Royal Family (okay scratch that last one on a technicality … )”.

Fugitive offer “a confident set of songs where a touch of Tyketto grazes a Sleazy strut via sing-along choruses and some clever interludes.  Fugitive are unquestioned natives of this hook-laden habitat; squeals and wails of delight emanating from Ranko’s guitar, singer Mikee utilising a cleverly carefree approach to add a swagger that many more precise singers simply fail to muster. High notes aren’t a problem, long notes aren’t an issue and when married to a powerfully energetic delivery, the effect is unquestionably convincing”.

Fugitive are one of those rare things, a U.K. band who truly know how to take the Melodic Rock blueprint and make it their own, thus making ‘Black Planet’ (Fugitive’s 2015 album) a beacon of light in the gloom of mundane”

Chris Nelson

Fugitive never cease to impress me. With perseverance, attitude and talent, surely greatness must be on the horizon for this band”.