Fugitive are Locked And Loaded for 2017

2017 sees Fugitive entering their 27th year together. Success in itself, with the industry witnessing so many bands fall by the wayside. Fugitive remain true to their rock roots choosing power and melody rather than chasing shadows, following recent trends. The band refuses to bow down and become a clone of whoever is getting the attention at present. Perhaps a poor marketing tactic, but Fugitive believe the UK and worldwide rock audience have the vision and passion to see these trends for what they are, so the band continue to offer fantastic riff based powerful songs that really take you on a journey and put a smile on your face!

With such a long career to date, the band has drawn on their life experiences and is energised – bringing together a new set of blistering tracks, due for release as the forthcoming album ‘Reflections’. In advance of this, the band have previously released the single ‘Light it Up’ giving the band international recognition – and now offer 3 brand new tracks as an EP made available in February to further preview their new material.

The release of the EP ‘Locked & Loaded’ is timed to coincide with and celebrate the confirmed new line up for the band in 2017. Fugitive are very excited to announce our new powerhouse on the drums – AL CATRAZ.  There is no escape from Al Catraz…..

Snr Catraz will be joining us in all aspects of our live show from this point forward. Al has worked alongside us for many years in the Biker Music scene and is an excellent asset to our sound, and a perfect fit for the band.  Al brings a powerful and solid backbone to Fugitive. His style has developed over the ‘centuries’ of experience he brings to the band, (well, we’re all showing signs of grey at this point!!), mixing rock and blues with a side of multiple extras!  AL quotes influences from many of the great figures from classic rock drumming royalty, but states a particular inspiration in different ways at different times from the likes of Ian Paice, Cozy Powell, Simon Phillips, Omar Hakim, Vinnie Colaiuta, Stewart Copeland and Terry Bozzio.

The band wish to express their thanks and appreciation to everybody who has shown their support over the years and look forward to making many more new friends in the future….


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