Elmo Karjalainen

I am delighted to welcome to the Skyfire Roster Elmo Karjalainen.

Elmo Karjalainen is a Finnish guitar player, who plays in Kilpi, Seagrave and Helena & Kalevi.

In the past Elmo has played with the band Deathlike Silence. On top of that he has released three solo albums, and a live album. In 2015 Elmo won the Finnish Tilu & Lilu competition, a competition which looked for the best
Finnish shred guitarist.

In 2016 Elmo got into the top 8 in Yngwie Malmsteen’s Guitar Gods competition and performed with Yngwie, Steve Vai, Nicko McBrain and others in Miami. The same year he was also a runner up in Lee Ritenour’s Six String Theory
“Age of Heroes” is Elmo’s fourth full length solo studio album. It follows the critically very successful “Where We Belong”, and “The Free Guitar Album”, and contains a wide variety of musical styles, while still being an instrumental rock guitar album. The music contains influences from people like Vai and Yngwie, but also from more surprising names like Pat Metheny. “Age of Heroes” also contains guest solos by Derek Sherinian (whose CV reads like a who’s who of rock/metal), Mattias IA Eklundh (of Freak Kitchen), and Janne Nieiminen and Emil Pohjalainen who won
the Guitar Gods Competition in 2016.


Track List:
1. Warm Welcome
2. How Can Less Be More
3. The Colour of Greed
4. Chikken Noodul
5. A Fertile Discussion
6. The Grassy Gnoll
7. Blue Eyes
8. Party Political Speech
9. Age of Heroes
10. A Meeting of the Gods (And This Guy)
11. Sunset
12. Return of the Silly English Person
13. Falling for Falafels
14. Lost In a Foreign Scale
15. Three Days of Peace
16. Limiting Rationality
17. Breathe

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