Boostar Productions Ltd

14886325_10210503484767208_1927478326_nIntroducing long standing Skyfire business partner Boostar Productions Ltd.

Boostar specialises in filming live music for DVD and Blu Ray production. Acquisition, editing and mastering is in High Definition to broadcast quality. We also run a record label for bands wishing to work with us on a profit sharing basis.
Boostar began to take shape after Algie worked on a DVD project with The Enid:

‘I enjoyed working with The Enid on their live DVD. The project had a scope that far exceeded its budget and presented many challenges. Working in Soho post production I have seen every corner cut, every false economy, and everything that you cannot fix in post. Getting involved at the production end gives me a chance to head this foolishness off at the pass. I had, and still have, a real drive to help The Enid and I am sure Boostar can help a lot of other bands produce high quality merchandise on a budget.’

We believe you get what you pay for so all crew are properly paid broadcast professionals. Shoot it properly and everything else becomes easier, quicker and therefore cheaper. For Boostar, ‘Acquisition is King!’.

Boostar also shot the video for Doris Brendel’s “The Devil Closed The Door On Me” (See Below)


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