Ben Craven

I am very pleased to welcome to the Skyfire Roster BEN CRAVEN.  Hailing from Brisbane, Australia Ben has his own unique style of cinematic progressive rock. His current album “Last Chance To Hear” is a stunning triumphant musical masterpiece of progressive rock. With the grandness of the album you would think that this is a 5 or 6 piece band but in fact it is just Ben being a very talented multi instrumentalist.

There is also a special appearance on the album by legendary Star Trek actor William Shatner adding to the track “Spy In The Sky”20121028_c7491

Ben has achieved a great accolade this year winning the 2016 Australian Independent Music Award for  Best Instrumental on the track Critical Mass Part 2

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What the Press Say

Heavy-duty prog rock monster”
– Anil Prasad, Innerviews

“Cracking virtuoso performance by an absurdly talented individual”
– Classic Rock Society

“Craven’s one-man-band production is a prog opus for the 21st century”
– Musoscribe

“All the drama, thunder, strum and drang you could want the spiritual grand child of Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson to bring”
– Midwest Record

“Craven’s tremendous ability to combine memorable hooks with complex progressive rock and cinematic orchestral music is astounding”
– Sea Of Tranquility

“Press play and this album does the rest”
– Muzikreviews

“Seriously well-distilled and blended”
– Van Dyke Parks