Introducing Skyfire Interactive

Introducing Skyfire

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there lived a small rock n’ roll band who believed that if they made an album, the world would become their oyster. They would live out their days being chauffeur-driven in limousines, while packing out stadiums at the mere mention of their name.

…and then they spoke to me. I made them cry and have never heard from them since!

These days, the music industry is a tough old business, where many bands and artists attempt to compete in a vastly saturated market. With new acts arriving in droves every week, being noticed among the crowd is increasingly difficult. Unless, of course, you have unbridled contact resources at your disposal and the time to commit to self-promotion.

If the answer to that last sentence is no, please read on…

Skyfire Interactive was formed in April 2012 off the back of the highly successful Firebrand Roxx, to deliver efficient and tailored packages that help to maximise an artist’s potential. With an extensive database spanning the globe, we can help to propagate your album to a worldwide metropolis of reviewers and radio stations.

Skyfire can provide complete solutions, from production through to mastering. We also deliver the end product into the market via our physical and distribution network. For the first time, you can receive everything under one roof – saving you thousands on doing it all individually.

There are hundreds of PR companies out there that promise the earth but don’t produce a great deal. Skyfire has the team and the connections to back up our claims. So before you make your choice about who is going to represent you, please study the market closely.

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