Shadows – The New Christmas Single from Trevor Sewell & Janis Ian

Trevor Sewell and Janis Ian’s Christmas Single Shadows

After the fabulous success of Trevor Sewell’s HOLLOW album, which featured Paul Barrere of Little Feat, one may wonder what Sewell could possibly come up with next. In August, he recorded a new album, produced by Geoff Wilbourn, at Nashville’s renowned studio, The Sound Emporium. Once again, some music legends showed up to sing and play, including Tracy Nelson of Mother Earth fame, Vickie Carrico, and Janis Ian herself!



For this new album, recording was going along swimmingly, except that Sewell had been struggling with one particular song, and Wilbourn was ready to pass. Upon hearing it, though, Janis Ian had the perfect solution:
She would play piano and Trevor would sing.

What followed was pure and instant magic. The song, Shadows, was recorded in one take, and everyone present was breathless.

Says Sewell, “I wrote Shadows some time ago and, although I had recorded it a couple of times myself over the years, I never released it, as I hadn’t really found an arrangement that truly suited me. Enter Grammy®-winning artist, Janis Ian! As soon as she began playing the intro, I just knew it would work. Her piano arrangement really brought the song to life.” After the one take, Wilbourn said, “That’s it! We’re not adding anything more—it’s perfect.”

“I’ve never released a Holiday single before. I’ve been a Janis Ian fan since the ‘70s, so it is very cool to record with her! This particular song is, and has always been, far more about the lyrics, and Janis’s beautiful arrangement really brings this to the fore. Shadows is not a traditional Holiday song, though the sentiment represents the reflective feeling of Christmas time. It’s about the appreciation of those who have offered us unconditional love, when and where it’s most needed, and without ever expecting anything in return; about unselfishly helping others through dark times, when they are at their lowest and need support.”

A percentage of the Shadows proceeds will go to The Pearl Foundation in the US, set up by Janis herself , and which has raised over $900,000.00 to assist with education and scholarships. To learn more about The Pearl Foundation, please visit and to learn more about Janis’s Grammy®- winning and -nominated music and audiobooks, please visit